Speaking the Same Language


In Focus

From Conversations with God by Allison Bown

Language of Promise

Words are bridges that connect us and keys that unlock our thoughts. Words link others to our experiences and open doors to share our dreams. We may be an extrovert with words for every occasion — or an introvert, who with a few, wise phrases, can get directly to the heart of the matter. And whether it’s in an intimate conversation or a boisterous group of friends, we share a longing for others to listen to what we have to say.

Everyone wants to have a voice.

Everyone desires to be heard.

Everyone… including God.

Conversation is an integral part of friendship. You tell me something interesting. I wonder what it means and ask you to tell me more. Your thoughts spark mine and I share my insights with you. That prompts a memory for you that gives us both a better understanding…

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When Walls Don’t Seem to Move


In Focus

from Conversations with God: “The Gift of Enduring Intercession” by Allison Bown

Everyone has encountered times where challenges remain challenging; where expectations don’t unfold as expected and the prayers we pray don’t seem to have an impact. What is going during those times and how can they possibly be good? It’s a question that I’ve both had and heard from many people.

It was during such a time several years ago, that I found myself reading one of the most familiar stories in scripture — the epic tale of Jericho. Most of us know it. Israel has finally crossed over into the Promised Land and God has given Joshua a rather ridiculous battle plan: march around this massive, walled city once a day for six days with the priest and the ark of the covenant leading the way. On day seven, do it seven times. The horns will blow. The…

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Meet author Betsy A. Calloway


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Speak Life,

Betsy A. Calloway

God’s Amazing Grace….



God’s unmerited favor…

Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 12:8 about how God’s grace is sufficient. When you have a revelation about the grace of God, and how we are so undeserving, but because the love God  has for his children, He extends grace into our lives each and everyday. “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

My life is teaching me this- everyday I am overwhelmed with gratefulness of how the Lord continues to watch over me, protect me, provides for me, and allows for me to feel His presence in my life. But for His grace, I would be lost.

Amazing Grace, how sweet it is.

Speak Life,

Betsy Calloway

Speak Life Book Tour and Film Series


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The Speak Life Movement was born out of a unique crossroad of racial tensions and unity in America.  America had just experienced 3 verdicts that epitomized the under toned racial inequalities that were always present here in America, but was brought to the forefront through the grand jury decisions in the Michael Brown case, the Eric Garner case, and the not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin trail. In the era of social media such as, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, people are using words and imagery to express their anger, their grief, their feelings of injustice- in 140 characters or less. The stark white words on the backdrop of solid black t-shirts, “I can’t breathe,” or the words spray painted on cardboard, “hands up.” All depict so vividly the pain, the outrage, the suffering, the disappointment that America is experiencing. Now, more than ever before, people are using singular words and single snap pictures, to say and express their turmoil and vast well of feelings and emotions, just like when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the Wittenburg Church door.

The Speak Life Movement ignites the conscious awareness of the POWER of the spoken and written word. Its premise is that words are alive, an entity that lives, breathes, reproduces, creates, destroys, divides, and unites. It has the power to build up nations, and it has the same power to destroy generations of people. Words have the power to influence the greatest and most powerful leaders of our time. Think about some of the most transformative speeches in history. Dr. Martin Luther King’s, “I Have a Dream” speech, resonated throughout every man, woman, and child who has ever heard those words. For 17 minutes, King strategically and craftily arranged and aligned his words, as a conductor to an orchestra. He knew his words could evoke the change that America needed so desperately.  We were looking for a voice who could express exactly what America was feeling inside, what the world was feeling inside. A dream, expressed through words, became action. Words effect change. We believe in breadth and depth of words, and the power of what they can become.

The Speak Life Movement offers a platform for people to share their stories of tragedy and pain, and how they transformed that energy into triumph and victory. Everyone has a story; we can learn and grow from the tragedies that shatter our world. We can gather strength, fortitude, and resilience from the tragedies that are all around us. Suffering comes to us all, but for a reason. All this pain and all this loss is for a reason. Maybe these things happen to open our eyes of our souls, to see beyond the physical attributes that make us different, but allow us to see what makes us the same. See beyond the skin of brown, white, honey, or caramel, but see the beauty that lies within me- see my spirit of love, generosity, compassion, concern, and the desire to want to make a change in this world, but I’m not sure how.

Let us speak words of LIFE. Words that builds and uplifts. Words that inspire and activates positive change in this world. Words that become action. Words that pursue justice and truth. Words that are honest and transparent. Words that love and heal. Words that gives us strength. Words that comfort us during our darkest hour. Words that brings peace and eases anxiety. Words that dismantles anger and diffuses hate. Words that harmonizes with the melody of the soul.  Words that create joy. Words whose seeds of greatness, will bring forth a harvest of impactful change.

Even the words- Speak LIFE evokes the divine energy to create a momentum of consciousness of what you speak from your mouth, or what you decide to write from the tips of your fingers.

Will your words create a life of positivity and beauty, or will your words be those that tear down and create hate and discourse. Be intentional in your words, for words become action.


Betsy A. Calloway

Speak LIFE…


speak life

It’s been a challenging couple of months for me. I’ve had numerous hospital stays lasting no shorter than 5 days each visit. Sometimes I feel like I’m losing the battle with my failing kidneys, sometimes I feel like I’m believing in hope, but hope does not believe in me. Some days I feel angry, and some days I feel indifferent to my circumstances. But what I have realized about myself, which I already knew, but life likes to test what you think you know- I DO NOT GIVE UP!!!

Even though I have had a few set backs, I feel the need to brush myself off and get back up and try harder. I am determined to share my story, and I am determined to help as many people I can in the process. I don’t know how I am going to accomplish all this, but I will.

All this pain, and all this loss is not for nothing. I will accomplish all that God has imparted in me.

Speak LIFE Movement- it’s here.